Documents Provided by the Seler / Title Holder


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Documents Provided by the Seler / Title Holder

Seller/Title holder expects full transparency from potential Buyers. Transparency and credibility can be proved by documents provided for the Buyer at the very beginning. These documents can be easily verified and can prove that our Seller holds the title to all offered products, export licenses and other necessary documents. This means that throughout the process both Buyer and Seller are obtaining more credible information about each other. 

The entire process from exchange of necessary document up to the signature of the Sale and Purchase Contract is being realized in copy with us, K-Trading Ltd. Buyer is obliged to keep us informed about the course of the transaction until the product is delivered to the port of discharge and payment is realized.


POP - Proof of Product (set of documents that serve as a Seller's proof that the product is real)

  1. Partial Proof Of Product (PPOP) Documents typically consist of: 
  • SGS Inspection Report or equivalent (SGS)
  • Dip Test Analysis Report (DTAR)
  • Certificate of Origin (COO)
  • Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)
  1. Full Proof Of Product (Full POP) are sent by Secured Mail to the Buyers Bank / Buyer and typically consist of:
  • Copy of License / permit to export, issued by the department of the ministry of energy (If applicable)
  • Copy of statement of availability of the product
  • Copy of the refinery commitment to produce the product
  • Copy of the pipeline corporation contract to transport the product to the loading port
  • Refinery certificate of product
  • Copy of the port storage agreement (TSR - If applicable)
  • Dip Test Authorization letter (DTA)
  • Copy of SGS or equivalent report (SGS)