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Supplier of Petroleum products

K-Trading, Ltd. is an intermediary broker and works closely with Title Holders / Sellers who offer products to the wholesale marketplace for Crude Oil and its fuel derivatives such as Gasoline, D2, ULSD, AGO, Jet Fuel, Mazut, Heavy Fuel Oils, LNG, LPG, and more.


With such an approach, our Seller/Title Holder has persuaded us that they can create perspective and long-termed relationship which guarantees consistent and reliable supplies of following petroleum products:

  • D2 (0.01 / 0.02) 
  • Jet Fuels (any category)
  • Mazut (M100/99 - various sulfur % available)
  • EN590 or ULSD 
  • Crude Oils (REBCO / ESPO)  

The other products may be available, they will only be offered to buyers that are already customers for regular products

We are not a manufacturer - we are a trading company. We connect buyers of products with sellers of products by providing not just transactions but Valuable and useful service to satisfy both buyers and sellers. Our task is not only to introduce potential parties to each other but besides that, we organize communication between buyer and seller`s representatives.

Seller sets up a transaction based upon his Procedures and Buyer must be prepared to work within these Procedures if they expect a successful transaction. We do business according to the Seller`s Procedures ONLY.

We pride ourselves in being a professional and reputable company and we are only interested in cooperation with real and reliable business partners

Feel free to contact us if you would like further information, which you didn’t find on our website.