Procedures of Business


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Procedures of Business

We are working with several sellers, all of whom are operating on different procedures, delivery/payment terms, pricing etc. Below you can find the procedures (two options) of our main seller to whom we are Mandates. Our Sellers also cooperate with all buyers, who are able to follow terms and conditions requested by the Seller (we are cooperating with our sellers to make these favourable for all of the parties involved). Every buyer may choose the option which is most suitable for them. For more infomration about other sellers, offers, cooperation possibilities, feel free to contact us via

Getting started with our company:

If the Buyer is interested in proceeding with transaction, he has to agree with the procedures of the Seller (sent upon requirement). In order to go ahead it, is necessary to follow certain initial steps, beginning with signature of the NCNDA among K-Trading, Buyer and all beneficiaries/intermediaries involved in transaction in order to ensure transparent cooperation

We, K-Trading, will provide you with our following corporate documents, based on which you can verify our company:

  • Company profile
  • Certification of Incorporation, Certification of Good standing 
  • Executive director (including Passport No.)
  • Represented by (including Passport No.)
  • Bank reference
  • Bank details
  • Telephone, fax, mobile, K-Trading web pages, e-mail address

In order to verify that Buyer is qualified, we will need to perform a due dilligence on the buyer's company and his ability to purchase. Therefore, we will need following documents from the buyer/signatory. Any qualified buyer who is interested in further cooperation should not have any problems presenting the following documents:

  • Company profile of the Buyer
  • The name of Signatory entitled to act in the name of the company (with the number and copy of his passport)
  • Company name, residential address, registered office, fax, web, e-mail, phone, mobile
  • The name of the bank intended to be used for the transaction
  • Required types of the petroleum products, volumes, port of discharge
  • Written statement, that Buyer accepts and agrees with Seller's Procedures



Due to the current situation on the market,
information about the current offers is available only on request.